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Before registering an account with REALNAPS.COM we mandate you go through this terms and conditions carefully. if you are not okay with our terms and conditions then we suggest you desist from using our service's.


Sub 1A] We discovered when new comers sign up for our prediction software they abandon their account once it's time to pay 30% of their wining's. This behaviour has been repeated over and over again because the registration is free . To reduce the rate at which virtual football platform is taken for granted we now charge an Application / Registration Fee, this fee is listed on the Registration page .

sub 1B] The Realnaps registration and membership fee is in no way the same as a purchase of Realnaps service, Realnaps services are not for sale, our service's are based on contracts, you pay us a percentage of your winnings while using our service's, in other words paying the Registration fees only makes you a contractor on our platform, and as a contractor you are to deligently follow our laid out rules or face eviction without refunds or compensation.

Sub 1C] Payment of Registration fee's doesn't guarantee Realnaps will setup your account immediately, before your account will be set up and activated, would investigate properly for the following :
(i) Realnaps has to make sure you are of age 21 and above,
(ii) has to make sure you are not a user who previously subcribed or owes us a percentage of winnings.,
(iii) has to make sure you're of sound mind and of good conduct to follow the laid out rules and regulations of
If Realnaps has a reason not to approve your Registration, Your Registration will be declined without Refunds or compensation.


Sub 2A] You must be of age 21 or above, if we discover at any point you are below age 21 your Realnaps account will be forfeited.

Sub 2B] do not condole reselling of membership. selling of login details or membership is highly prohibited. if you are declared guilty on this act,your account will be forfeited with no refund or compensation.

Sub 2C] Registration of accounts on behalf of someone is prohibited, except the person in question has reviewed and approve our terms and conditions. Violating this rule will lead to account suspension with no refunds or compensation.

Sub 2D] is not a gambling platform were bettings are placed, is a gambling platform were service's such as bet prediction software, bet account managements and betting tutorials are carried out and given. on the Administrator , moderators, teachers, customer care staffs and every staffs of must be treated with top respect. Any form abuse, intimidation, libel or scandal towards, a board of or a staff of will lead to termination of service's towards the offendant and legal chrages will be pressed when necessary. All accounts registered under the offendant will be forfeited with no refund or compensation.

Sub 2E] Due to the fact Realnaps communicate with hundred's of client daily, we advise you message us on What's App only. we dont entertain calls as it reduce's the time to multi chat with other client's. We are available on Whats App 9am to 7pm , Monday to Friday. any form of calls could lead to temporary disactivation of contract , Message Realnaps within working hours only.

Sub 2F] will disconnect its service's with any member who it deem's fit for any reason best know to her, reason's could include the following and more:
(i) Not complying with terms and conditions of
(ii) Calling instead of messaging
(iii)Not paying the required commision of winnings when due and required.
(iv)Been abusive and a nuisance to or the boards / staffs of


Sub 3A] virtual football service's are based on contract you pay us a percentage of your winnings. Depending on what package you signed up for you could pay 30% for the Realnaps virtual football calculator or 40% for the Realnaps Virtual Football Auto trade platform. commisions are only paid from your profits. we dont interfere with your capital.

Sub 3B] Commission's are to be paid on every withdrawal , the maximum grace to pay commission's after withdrawal is 7 working days.


Sub 4A] The Realnaps virtual football auto trade is a platform were Realnaps create a betting account for you and do your bettings on your behalf, to become a member of the Realnaps auto trade section you must acknowlege and accept the following:
(i) We only help you bet to the best knowledge and expertise , this is gambling related and so we do not give guarantees of returns or profits.
(ii) Losses could be made and Realnaps could end up lossing everything you invested on the Realnaps Virtual Fotball Auto trade.
(iii) We could terminate your contract willing at any time we deem fit.

Sub 4B] The Realnaps virtual football auto trade takes a minimum of 30 working days before you are informed on when you are eligible to make withdrawals. Withdrawals are made once a month.

Sub 4C] Realnaps will never disclose login details to the direct betting accounts on any occassion for the security and sustanbility of our various accounts on the Realnaps platform and to protect our modus of betting, how ever to ensure transparency we created a portal called the autotrade check where you can check the status of your autotrade with your Realnaps auto trade ref.


Sub 5A] Realnaps do not guarantee 100% wins, profits or returns, . In a case or condition were you made losses or face any form of challanges using our software , we are not liable and can not be held responsible. Gambling with software is strictly at owners risk, you bear the risk of losses and any ill fate that comes with it.

Sub 5B] Realnaps is focused on guiding , mentoring and managing members for success on virtual football, Realnaps expect you to follow updates on all social media so as to be updated on the latest happenings on virtual football. Virtual football is very flexible and dynamic, the only way to successs is to be constantly woken and updated.


Sub 6A] Like every other business that provide's gambling service's, have a no refund policy, we do not make refunds on transactions, this includes Registration / Application fees, Payments for Realnaps Virtual football Auto trade and any other form of transaction.


Sub 7A] You are compelled to submit your bet account login details for verification's, this will enable Realnaps go through your betting account and verify your profit. you have no reasons to be scared, Your betting account details are only needed to verify your payment of 30% winnings.

Sub 7B] If you intend changing your bet login details inform Realnaps ahead to avoid conflict on bet account audition.


Sub 8A] Due to the fact we communicate with hundred's of client daily, we advise you message us on What's App only. we might not pick calls promptly as it reduce's the time to multi chat with other client's. We are available on Whats App 9am to 7pm , Monday to Friday.

Sub 8B] Communications are to be done only within the stated working hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm) . All customer support related request must be done only on Whatsapp.