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We no longer allow carefree entry into the premium contract, it has come to our notice people sign up for premium contract only to abandon them for weeks,

when we suspended faulty premium contractors they simply apply for another premium contract since is free of charge.

read the page and contact us only if you are ready and available to bet and pay us our 30% commissions when due

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Realnaps.com Registration Terms and conditions

1) To register and use Realnaps.com virtual football calculator, you hereby agree to pay us 30% of your daily (profit) . This means as you keep winning with our software you pay us 30% of your winnings.

2) Majority who registered for Realnaps.com virtual football calculator abandon their Realnaps.com accounts when ever is time to pay 30% of their winnings. they simply abandon their old Realnaps.com account and create a new one , they do this repeatedly without paying their obliged 30% commission. To stop this abuse to our Software we now charge a Registration fee of N5000 before new user's can start using our virtual football calculator , after paying this fee you no longer pay any other fee except 30% of your winnings.

Registration Fee is ₦5000 fill the registration form and you would be informed how to make payment. if you are not in Nigeria you will be charged the equivalent of ₦5000 , to know how much you will be charged i advise you use google to convert ₦5000 Naira to your country currency.

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Continuation of Realnaps.com Terms and condition's


3) 11am everyday all Realnaps.com calculator user account will be automatically locked till 30% of their previous day winning's are paid, this means everyday by 11am your Realnaps.com account will be automatically locked, you are to pay 30% of the winnings you made using the calculator in other to be re-activated or unlocked

4) After Registering to Realnaps.com virtual football calculator do not share your login details with anyone. if our system detect your Realnaps.com account is logged into 3 or more device's other than one pc and one mobile (2) your Real account will be automatically deleted , one user one Realnaps.com account. do not share.!

5) You will submit your bet account login details for verification's, this will enable us go through your betting account and verify your winning's occasionally. you have no reasons to be scared, RealNaps will never ever withdraw or tamper with your money plus no body can withdraw money from your betting account except they bear the same name and surname with you, this is while even when someone knows your bet login details they cant withdraw your money except they bear the exact same name you bear, we choosed to go through betting accounts due to insincerity with client's in the past. 99% of client's lied about the Real amount they won using our virtual football calculator , they lied so as to pay less commisions.

6) We could block and delet your Realnaps account at will if you fault our terms and conditions.

7) On rare cases the virtual football company could block the loop holes and pattern's used in calibrating the calculator, when this happens, calculator accuracy in prediction reduce's untill we are able to fix it back to 97% - 100%, on an occasion where you got an error in result or the calculator failed in its predicion report to us via whatsapp with screen shot's of the failed calculation so we can start fixing it as fast as possible

8) Due to the fact we communicate with hundred's of client daily, we advise you send an email or message us on whats app. we might not pick calls promptly as it reduce's the time to multi chat with other client's.

9) Our online payment is handled by Paystack (best payment proccessor in Nigeria ), you have no issue or reason to be worried as they are secured, should you encounter any challange message us to assist you resolve it.

10) Our service's are based on providing tips and solutions for gambling and like every other company that provide's gambling service's we (RealNaps.com) have a no refund policy, we do our possible best to maintain and keep our indicator and calculator 97% - 100% accurate but should you the Realnaps account holder get affected with a loss we can not be held accountable or liable, you (Realnaps account holder) cant be sue ,abuse or demoralise us (Realnaps.com) for we have informed you (Realnaps account holder) ahead, virtual football is best internet business but on some cases it could also be a money drilling venture, you are rest assured we will help you win as much as we can.