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Is real or is a scam

I the founder of (dannyokec) has seen lots of scam scandals and scam accusations about me online. but i must confess i havent seen a learned or educated person accuse me of scam. No rational thinking person can label me or my platform a scam because my platform ( is gambling related. I made it clear to all length that gambling is a game where wining's and losses are made, and so i see no reason why anyone should label me a scam because they made a loss at one point or the other. in gambling theirs must be losses and if youre good at your predicitions you will make winnings .


Bad words travel faster than good words. When people have good experince they keep it to them selves, they will hardly comment or post a good review on how they won and got satisfied with our service. But when people make looses or hoped to win a big bet and loose, they end up creating negative views about us. people will talk about your faults more than they will talk about your good works. once others start bad mouthing you the new comers who dont know anything about you will buy their accusations. this is why is always good to listen to both parties and judge carefully. video TUTORIALS

when i teach / tutor on virtual football, i teach with years of experince on virtual football betting, i guide you through , walk you through , make repititon's to make sure you grasp the concept and finally i move to the next stage of making you a pro on virtual football. Most people will impatiently skip the beginner aspect feeling they already know much about virtual football, this people will jump into the advanced part of virtual football and since their beginner background wasnt solid enough because they skipped the proper guide, they will end up blowing their betting accounts. once they blow up their account they selfishly blame it on dannyokec (Realnaps) and call it the platform a scam. if you have watched my videos you will see my professionalism , if anyone choose to ignore by betting styles and make use of theirs how can i be held responsible. a car uses fuel, if a person buy a car and decide to use water instead of fuel will you hold the car manufactures or call them names because the car user decided to do as he pleases??. people love skipping classes, all they want is to make a quick bulk without going through the proper tutorials and lessons. TRANSPARENCY

I record tutorials on my live betting account, i place my bets live for everyone to see, i dont show pictures that can be fabricated or photo shoped, No! i dont do that, all my tutorials are strictly on live video, i make sure i bet and trade live so everyone can monitor the accounts and see the progress of winnings and losses and be the judge them selves. In gambling no one is perfect, you can only look for someone who is good enough to win more than they loose. I the founder of always win more than i loose, doubt me? watch myYoutube bettings.

I show my betting history while live betting, i do it frequently after each bet so everyone can see and account for our losses and winnings, i believe with my level of transparency and straight forwardness every rational thinking person will know just like the name, Realnaps is absolutely a real and transparent platform.


Whom ever you choose to believe is completely up to you, no service or platform has 100% good reviews, every software or platform has a few bad reviews, what you should be after is finding a platform that can let you see their winnings and losses, a platform with 100% is transparent to a fault, nothing is sugar coated on, no one is luring you in or hiding losses to carjoe you into thinking gambling with us is a win win.

If you have watched my videos and youre convinced with faith that you will make it with, then you will surely make it, but always remeber to follow our video tutorials on Youtube.


Their will always be haters and bad reviews. i believe you the reader has been in a relationship, i also believe you have an ex spouse or date, if a survey is conducted in your life, your ex dates, enemies and competitors will always have something bad to say about you,does the words of your ex dates or enemies really mean you are a bad person?????. i believe you now understand while i say their will always be bad reviews , but if your friends and well wishers and current date are sureveyed they will have lots of positivities about you. watch our video reviews below

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We are the best when it come to betting and virtual football, they are over 500 Nigerian's who has benefitted from our betting software's and progamme ), watch the video's below to verify our customer's feedback

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