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What is virtual football betting

The only difference between virtual football betting and normal football betting is the word virtual. The word virtual means computerised or simulation. when we say something is virtual, we mean to say that thing is simulated or it is computerised. virtual football betting is simply means betting on a computerised or simulated football.

Aside virtual football they are lots of virtual betting platforms:- virtual horse race, virtual tennis, virtual basket ball and many others. Realnaps is focused on teaching you how to bet and maximise winnings on virtual football . currently, virtual football is the best option for anyone who intends betting, virtual football is easy to understand , easy to win and with Realnaps virtual football calculator easy to predict.

How to predict & Win virtual football:

Predicting and winning virtual football is easier with Realnaps. Realnaps virtual football calculator does all the analysis and predictions.

Virtual football is very dynamic and unstable, you can not be successfull on virtual football without the help of Realnaps virtual football calculator, we have recorded lots of video tutorials to show you how predictions are done. learn how to predict virtual football on your favorite betting site.

Why YOU SHOULD use Realnaps virtual football calculator??:

Predicting bets involes calculations. To predict the outcome of an event, you must first put certain conditions into consideration and calculate your odds. calculating the odds of an event is difficult without the help of a software. calculating odds is like calculating numbers, it is easier to calculate 1 +2 but as you procceed into more advanced numbers it becomes difficult, for example calculating 9,453 x 42,343 - 329 / 190 +1,345 could take hours. if you decide to use a calculator, it will take few seconds.

The biggest problem with calculating by hand or brain, is not the amount of time wasted in calculation, the biggest problem is after calculating and spending hours you could end up making mistakes and getting the wrong answer's.

With a calculator you are 100% sure of getting the correct answer . A calculator will always be accurate and faster in making calculations. Realnaps virtual football calculator will always be more accurate and faster in predicting virtual football bets than any human brain.

Just like you need a calculator for fast and accurate calculations, you need Realnaps to be successfull in virtual football. Realnaps virtual football Calculator use's a unique alogrithm to calculate and predict virtual football games, the calculator tells you the best and most rewarding option to bet. when it come's to virtual football, Realnaps Virtual Football Calculator is the only Calculator you can trust for better accuracy and predictions.

How sure is Realnaps virtual football calculator??:

Since we provide a gambling related service, we can not guarante you 100% as it is a known fact that gambling is an investment of probability, anything could happen in split second's.

We offer our best service's and you are assured of getting our very best in prediction's, customer care service's and more. One of the main reason we are trusted is transparency. Realnaps is transparent and therefore you can bank on our service's inline with our terms and conditions. below are videos of what people think about Realnaps Virtual Football Services.

How to Get started with Realnaps

To get started with Realnaps, you must first decide what contract you are intrested in.

Realnaps contracts are divided into :
(1) Realnaps virtual football calculator
(2) Realnaps virtual football auto trade.

The Realnaps virtual football calculator is a software that analysis and calculates the best options to bet for a virtual football match. After calculations and analysis the Realnaps virtual football calculator informs you on what to bet. Using the Realnaps virtual football calculator is based on a contract, the user of the calculator will agree upon Registration to pay 30% of the winnings made using the virtual football calculator


The Realnaps virtual football auto trade is a bet account management program were Realnaps manages and bets for intrested individuals. On the Realnaps virtual football auto trade a user does nothing but provides the required details for opening a new betting account along with the funds to credit the betting account, after details and funds has been provided Realnaps will create a brand new betting account and manage the account on an agreement that when withdrawals are made from the betting account 40% of the profit made while betting will be paid to Realnaps as commission.


We are the best when it come to betting and virtual football, they are over 500 Nigerian's who has benefitted from our betting software's and progamme ), watch the video's below to verify our customer's feedback

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