Realnaps vfl calculator and indicator was created and programmed by (dannyokec). through the help and guidiance of GOD our lord JESUS CHRIST!


the season refers to the current season being played.. the season number is found at the top edge before the match day..

season on calculator


match day refers to the match we are calculating results for.. for best result calculate at pre match that is while the match is preparing (its more accurate then)


Home and AWAY

This is refer's to the home team and the away team we are calculating for.

home & away team

Home and Away position on the league table:

This is the current position of home or away team on the league table. to get the position of the team just find the name of the team and check its pos

position on league table

Goals for Home or Away:

This is goals scored and conceeded by the HOME TEAM as seen on the league table . type in the first set of number at the first box before : and the second set of numbers at the 2nd box

Cast Pattern:

This the number of times a team has played under 1.5 on their 3 previous matches.
you could simply click the previous match days and count the number of under 1.5 or you simply use the statitics

>click on stats and when the page loads
>click on head to head
>select the teams you're calculating on
count the number of under 1.5 in their last matche's