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Virtual Football Betting Strategy

Learn all you need to know about virtual football tricks and tip


Virtual footall is awesome, i prefer the virtual footall to real footall any time any day. Unlike real football, the outcome of virtual football matches are very easy to predict and with the strategy am about to show you. you will never loose in virtual football again.


The over 1.5 strategy is simple, with focus and concerntration, you could turn 1000 into 10,000 or more , all you need is focus.
After making series of research, we discovered it is impossible to always predict home win, away win or draw win . it is very confusing to predict if a team is going to win a match, loose a match or draw a match, but it is very easy to predict if a team will play over 1.5 any time any day.
The odds for over 1.5 are usually small, this is because the outcome is very easy to predict , the odd for over 1.5 starts from 1.09 and stops at 1.90, for 100% guarante work with odd's within 1.20 to 1.30 (guaranted over 1.5 odds) The minimum odd to bet for over 1.5 should be 1.20 while the maximum odd should be 1.30.
Let's assume a student or an employee starts the strategy with 1,000 and bets 3times a day for 3days or more

1bet > morning [before going to work/school ]
1bet > afternoon [work break / school break]
1bet > night [before going to bed]


Morning bet
Afternoon bet
Night bet
Day's balance
Monday 1,000 x 1.20
1,200 x 1.20
1,440 x 1.20
= 1728
Tuesday 1,728 x 1.20
= 2,073.6
2,073.6 x 1.20
2,448.32 x .1.20 =2,938 2,938
Wednes day 2,938 x 1.20
= 3,526
3,526 x 1.20
= 4,231.2
4,231.2 x 1.20 =

if we contine betting this way, by sunday we shoud have made 46,005 or more. The returns might be little on your first week but after the first 7days it become's easier to make millions using this startegy


The disadvantage's of this strategy is that the moment you loose a single bet you completly loose every thing in your bet account . The only way to avoid loosing any bet is to calculate the outcome of every match before betting.

If the chance's of over 1.5 is high >bet on it
If the chance are low > avoid it


Using last past matches and position on the league table, we developed softwares to help you calculate the out comes of matches. Every season virtual football changes the performance of each team's. On a Sseason a team could be the very best and most out standing after that season the same team could be the worst and most awful team. The over 1.5 calclulator version 1.0 and 2.0 are completly free of charge. The free calculators are accurate but not 100% guaranteed due to lack of update and maintaince. virtaul football changes from one pattern to another every season. The free version's of the calculator will help you win 95% of the time's, however due to lack of update's and patches they are 5% chances of lossing.

if you desire to keep winning without lossing a single game we recommend you use the premium calculator -it is always updated, 100% safe and guaranteed.. We are not liable for any loss using the free version's of the virtual football calculator's Virtual football changes perodically, every change in team performance, movements and pattern is noted and updated to the premium over 1.5 calculator immediately .The calculator is always updated with lastest hacking's to help you calculate the outcome 100% accurately

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