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Read and watch the video in this page carefully

We no longer allow carefree entry into the premium contract, it has come to our notice people sign up for premium contract only to abandon them for weeks,

when we suspended faulty premium contractors they simply apply for another premium contract since is free of charge.

read the page and contact us only if you are ready and available to bet and pay us our 30% commissions when due


Purchase and the get premium virtual football software's from realnaps


Premium calculator and indicator is based on contract, you pay us 30% of your accumulated weekly winnings.

This means, at the end of every week , you pay us 30% of the winnings you made using our premium calculator or indicator.


Your Aim As A Premium Member:

Your aim as a premium member is to double your bet account daily for 7days. on the 7th day realnaps.com will go through your bet account and check if you made the minimum weekly target. if you made below the minimum weekly target your premium membership will be suspended and we will not activate a new one for you.

Enter your current bet account balance or the capital you intend to fund with and click on get daily target. You must make sure you reach your daily target every day, the premium softwares are 100% accurate, no chance of loosing any bet, if you fail to reach your minimum daily target we will assume you are too lazy or taking our premium contract for granted. This would lead to premium account suspension.


First week target After rolling ??? for the first week your are expected to accumulate ??? or more. if at the end of the first week your account balance is below ??? your premium membership will be suspended


What You pay us

From the day your premium account was activated to the 7th day (1 week) Realnaps.com will go through the bet account you submitted, cross check your total accumulated winnings and charge you 30% of your weekly accumulated winnings, after billing you 30%, your premium account will be paused pending when you pay your 30% commissions, after paying your 30% commissions your account will be restored for another 7 days contract. as long as you keep paying your commissions you are a premium member, failure to pay your 30% commission's within 5 working days leads to suspension of premium account

What you must do

You must submit your bet account login details to realnaps, this is to enable us go through yourbet account and calculate your total winnings our selves.

Do not share your realnaps premium login details with anyone. if you do so your account will be automatically suspended and we wont help you creat a new one

Registration and fee's *UPDATED FEB 2017*

Premium calculator and indicator is based on contract, you pay us 30% of your accumulated weekly winnings, this means at the end of every week you pay us 30% of the total winnings you made using our software's due to the increasing rate the premium membership is taken for granted we now accept only those who pay a registration or commitment fee, dont panic if you want to know why we stoped doing it free and started charging fees watch the video below, it will show why our contract is no longer free as previously and what we passed through in the hands of people karma is yet to visit.



If you have watched the video above and you understood the new concept message us on FACEBOOK or email us for immediate guidance.

Don't panic our services are 101% secured and guaranteed, if you are scared or skeptical visit our You-tube channel and watch our software in action.

To Finalize your premium contract registration watch the video above and contact us with the following details when you are done::>

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