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Merrybet Virtual Football Tutorials

The premium calculator is designed for those who are ready to make a living of virtual football.
The premium calculator is based on contract, we are entitled to 30% of your weekly accumulated winnings, this means you are mandated to pay us 30% of every winnings you make using the calculator or indicator.

The premium calculator is 100% accurate >> the calculator predicts 100 out of 100 matche's accurately.
The premium calculator predict's the following 100% accurately:

Over 1.5
Over 2.5
Over 3.5

Introduction to the calculator and strategy:

Our aim is to constantly double our bet account daily, we must keep rolling over our capital + accumulated profits till we double what we had the previous day.

predict over 1.5 100% accurately in

The premium calculator is 100% accurate at predicting over 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5, using the premium calculator they are no chance's of lossing...


How to predict merrybet virtual football flawlessly.

We ran out of time but if you pause the video before it ends you will see the match ended 1:1 for first half.

The match finally played 2:1 (full time) to verify this match click on your statitics and select the season and match day number and see for your self



This how to predict under 1.5 in merrybet virtual football league using the premium calculator

The calculator tells you when to bet over 1.5 or when to do the opposite


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Learn all you need to know about virtual football tricks and tip

Important Notice!!!!:

The over 1.5 strategy for ever remains the best.. Use our premium calculator to calculate every match before betting for more informations on how to get the premium calculator click on sign premium contract:

Bet radar updates and upgrade's virtual football almost every day but i do my possible best to counter and decipher new loop and patterns