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 virtuall football indicator

Realnaps virtual football Real calculator calculate's over 1.5 and under 3.5 accurately

About Indicator :

The Indicator is coded on php, phython and perl, i call it Dannyokec robot 5.0, the scipt robot goes to virtual football server {bet radar} analyze all match for the next season, calculate's each of them individually based on a newly discovered alogrithm and return's the best game's with highest guarantee of over 1/5 and 2.5.

The Indicator automatically calculate's all matches in the next season and select's only the best 6 games (3odds and above)with 95 - 100% guarantee of over 1.5 // 2.5.. and compiles then for you to bet.

The indicator give you 3odds per season is 97% accurate but more safer than the calculator if you use my innovated strategy



ON 27th of november God revealed a strategy to me at night. at this night i was wondering on what best ways i could maintain consistent winnings with my member's because 90% members win why a few were lossing, the few lossing were accusing me of unprintable name's, i dont blame most of them though, they know nothing about loop holes or programming so i forgave them , how ever i was more concerned because the winner's kept mute and the looser's always cried out false accusations', this made me look like a bad person to the public. 27th november night i table my matter and here are the strategies that was revealead. they only work 100% with my indicator , if you try them on any other platform you could end up going bankrupt..


The strategy makes it possible for all members to win at all time, with this startegy everyone wins and no one losses.


It dosent invole max bet so if you loose one bet you still have 90% chance of recovering back on track with profit's.

It is very easy, even a todler with good memory would master how to use this strategy.

Getting 2 -3 odds in a day or 24 hours is completely easy and assured.

watch the video's below to understand better .