Frequently asked questions on REALNAPS

How do i contact the Admin

Call +2347037844095
send your mails to : [email protected]
message our faceook page

Can i open / creat multiple account's on realnaps

Every user is bond to have only one account . if any user has multiple account's such accounts will be blocked without notice and the user device and ip address will be banned and blocked from using realnaps services.

Can i share my premium login details

Please dont try it. the moment our system detect a premium user has shared his login details. or someone used his premium login details other than the orignal owner. that premium account will be automatically deleted and believe me no amount of pleading or begging will make us restore it for you.


I want to stake with big money should i?

Gambling is a game of probability no matter how good a users predictions are their games could fail once in a while so you are advised to bet what you can afford and endure. we are not liable for losses incured.

How do i Become a Realnaps Premium member?

Pay the premium registration fee's and submit your bet site details, you will be confirmed and activated within 24 hours..


I made a wrong transaction can i undo it ?

All transaction are irrevisible but we are all humans and we are fragile to errors. if you made a wrong transaction contact our support team may be we could be of help.


What is Virtual Football?

Virtual football betting is a platform that provides you with unlimited matches to be played every minute, it also provides you with 15+ season’s daily non-stop

How Virtual Football works?

In virtual football betting, each game is played within 3 minutes and a season is completed within an hour and 30 mins. Therefore in virtual football betting, 15+ seasons is played within a day. So you can see you have unlimited matches to place your bets on instead of waiting for one weekend to the other to place your bets. A lot of people don’t even use the virtual football betting offered by most brokers anymore, because of one reason or the other but instead they keep on waiting for one week to the next waiting for their favorite teams to place their bets on (real time football betting).




What is Football pool and how can i play it:

By football pool we mean weekend matches that will be played every weekend [saturday - sunday ]our aim is to predict draws (draws only), Go into football pool centre or kiosk show them the number you were given (that is the tips on the pool section) they will help you mark the games after which you must cross check them to avoid error make sure the numbers marked are the numbers you were given

How do i sell and market my Tips ?

Click on sell after typing your tips (dont click free)

Type in the amount you intend selling the tips

Type a reveal time (ie. when the tip should be made visible for everyone to see)