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Premium Virtual Football League Calculator

premium virtuall football calculator

This software is a premium calulator that calculate over 1.5 for virtual football league also known as vfl

The Premium calculator VERSION 3.0:

Version 3.0 is the final over 1.5 /2.5 virtual football calculator. we dont intend creating / programming any other version as the version 3.0 is capable of handling any upgrade or update virtual football might make in future.

Since virtual football moves from one pattern to another every season, the version 3.0 is always updated and matained when ever we notice such changes from virtual football.

The version 3.0 is 100% accurate and far more effective (successful) than any other over 1.5 / 2.5 software on virtual football.


Why version 3.0 can not loose a game:

Every season virtual football changes the pattern and movement of each team's. On a Sseason a team could be the very best and most out standing after that season the same team could be the worst and most awful team.

Virtual football changes perodically, every change in team performance, movements and pattern is noted and updated to the version 3.0 calculator immediately.


The compare system Behind version 3.0 success:

when everyone bets on over 1.5 , 2.5 or 3.5 simply bet on under 1.5 , 2.5 or 3.5 and when everyone goes under you simply bet over. the above strategy is simple and yet very complex than you think . Every season the company changes the specific time of comparison but the specific timing can be known using simple logic and back door hacks. on a particular season the specific time for comparison could be [5 match day's interval] this means match day 5- 10- 15- 20- 25- 30 in another season it could be [3 match day's interval] match day 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30 every season has a different interval for comparison

Using head to head statitics and position on the league table, The version 3.0 can calculate when a match is playing over 1.5 / 2.5 100% accurately. the calculator also notifies when a match would play under .

Why the version 3.0 is not free of charge??

Considering the fact that virtual football update it's system and teams periodically we also do our very best to maintain and update the version 3.0 calculator with lastest top teams, compare system and other logisitics.

We monitor the virtual football 24/7, we have invested so much on electricity , data plans, programming staffs ([who research and update the calculator always]) and lot's more.

Unlike the other free version's, the version 3.0 is guaranteed of constant winnings and success 100% of the times.

We charge a little token know as royalty, this litte token depends on the website the software's will be used on.

Bet radar updates and upgrade's virtual football almost every day but i do my possible best to counter and decipher new loop and patterns