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premium virtuall football calculator

Realnaps virtual football Real calculator calculate's over 1.5 and under 3.5 accurately

About Our Real Calculator :

The Real calculator is designed for people who are ready to make daily profit's betting on virtual football. The Real calculator is based on contract, you pay us 30% of your daily winning's while using the Real calculator.

The Real calculator is 100% accurate if our loop hole's are not outdated or blocked, The Real calculator could predicts 100 out of 100 matche's accurately..

The Real calculator predict's over 1.5 and under 3.5 accurately, you can watch and see for your self , click the picture below to watch otherwise procceed to next step (How to use the Real calculator)

As a Real account holder we pay you N1250 each time you bring a person into Real account, we also pay you 10% of the the person's winning's, as the person keep's winning daily you receive 10% of their winning's this is because when they pay us 30% of their winnings we keep 20% and pay you the referer 10%. if you like to market for us and receive payments for referer's click on marketer below..

How to use the Real calculator:

To use the real calculator upgrade your realnaps account from Demo to Real. To upgrade your account click on the upgrade to real button and process your upgrade.