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Over 1.5 Virtual Football League Calculator

Version 2.0 virtual football calculator

This software calculate over 1.5 for virtual football league also known as vfl

About the free over 1.5 / 2.5 calculator's?

The over 1.5 /2.5 calclulator version 1.0 and 2.0 are completly free of charge. The calculators are accurate but not 100% guaranteed due to lack of update and maintaince.

virtaul football changes from one pattern to another every season. The free version's of the calculator will help you win 95% of the time's, however due to lack of update's and patches they are 5% chances of lossing.

if you desire to max bet or roll over without lossing a single game we recommend you use the premium calculator -is safer..

We are not liable for any loss using the free version's of the virtual foot ball calculator's

Version 1.0 over 1.5 Calulator :

The version 1.0 over 1.5 calculator was the first virtual football calculator ever created. The calcluatot was 100% accurate and incredibly effective at calculating matches with 1.20 odd.

We discovered a loop hole on 1.20 odd at match day 9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30. IN 100 matches played within this match days 98 of the matches played over 1.5 at 1.20 odd [98% goes over 1.5].

how ever 2 matches played under 1.5 [2% goes under 1.5]

We created the calculator freely to help people win 98% of the times and avoid the 2% of doom[under 1.5]. the calculator was able to calculate and tell if to bet or if to avoid such bet. if the calculator results says 100% max bet it means their is 100% guarantee of over 1.5 but if the calculator says do not bet is means the match must play under 1.5 [2% of doom]

The version 1.0 became famous and viral, after 3months of constant winnings, success and testimonies virtual football finally fixed the loop hole.

The version 1.0 is now outdated and cannot provide 100% accuracy. if you still choose to try the version 1.0 use the buttons below


Version 2.0 over 1.5 / 2.5 calculator:

The version 2.0 was a corresponding upgrade to the version 1.0, the version 1.0 was only 100% accurate at 1.20 odd but the version 2.0 was more powerful it was 100% accurate at any macth with the range of [1.18 to 1.30 odd] . ther version 2.0 was not restricted to any match day and it was very accurate in determing when plays under 1.5 any day any time.

The version 2.0 was also free of charge, it was a way of helping those who lost so much to virtual football and also a way of giving back to my follower's

The first one month recorded 100% success with no single loss by an user.

Virtual football fixed some major loop hole's which effected the accuracy level of version 2.0.

The free Version 2.0 is stiil a die hard calculator it could win 95 matches out of a 100 .It is not 100% accurate due to lack of support and constant matainace.

if you still choose to use the version 2.o use the buttons below

Bet radar updates and upgrade's virtual football almost every day but i do my possible best to counter and decipher new loop and patterns