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Version 2.0 virtual football calculator

Realnaps virtual football demo calculator, this calculator is for practice and practice alone


The DEMO calculator is designed to help you master how to make calculation's before upgrading to Real calculator . The DEMO calculator is not for betting it was created for practice, so practice with Demo but dont bet with it Demo.

We noticed people get confused as novice, they end up not meeting their daily 3 odds, so we decided to create a practice version(DEMO) so people can pratice and master the skill of calculation before upgrading to the Real calculator . this is the Demo (practice) calculator.



Demo calculator is only for pratice/ FOR real betting upgrade to Real calculator

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Once you login succesfully, you will be taken to a page where you will select your betting site {bet site means the website you bet with, eg merrybet, bet9ja, betin kenya, premier bet and ....}

After selecting your betting site you will be taken to a page where you can begin pratice, since is your first time i suggest you start by mastering the basic's of calculation's. Click on the picture that says mastering the basic to begin your training..


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