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Trial Virtual Football League Calculator

Version 2.0 virtual football calculator

This software calculate over 1.5 for virtual football league also known as vfl


The trial calculator is designed to help you learn how to make calculation's before signing a premium contract with us. The trial version is 95% accurate this means the calculator can predict 95 out of 100 matche's perfectly.

The calculator runs smoothly on all device's (desktop computer's and mobile device's) . The trial calculator can only predict over 1.5, 2.5 and under 3.5 for more prediction's which include's , over 3.5, and more prediction's sign a premium contract with us.

The trial calculator is restricted to 50 calculation's a day. After the first 25 calculation's you have to wait for 6hours in other to calculating 25 more.

If you choose to calculate 24/7 with 100% accuracy which means winning 100 bet out of 100 sign a premium contract with us..


*Login to the trial calculator.

*Choose your favorite bet site by clicking the bet site logo

*Confirm the season number and make sure the season number on the bet site is the same thing as the season number on the calculator if the season number is not the same adjust it using the forward and backward buttons

*Carefully input the match day you are calculating for, make sure the match day is perfectly correct, any error on the match day could lead to bad result (make sure the match day is correct).

*Select the home and away teams respectively.

*Carefully input the current league position (POS) of the teams.

*Input the the goals scored first followed by ( : ) the goals conceeded for both teams.

*Input the number of under 3.5 in their last matche's

*Click what to bet and wait for a response