I Dannyokec [Daniel onyebuchi okechukwu ] innovated and equipped realnaps to reduce fixed match scam and help bridge the gap among bettor's, educate them and let them share ideas and tips among each other.

The only reason sports bet companies & fixed match scammers reap bettor's is because they are not educated and united. if bettor's could be educated and thought how to anlysize properly, share strategies and good tips among each other, the rate at which bettor's loose will greatly reduce.

Despite criticism, false accusations and scandals from bookies, haters, sports bet companies & fixed match scammers who are against my innovation to help educate the bettors i have perserved with only one aim to help bettor's all over the world and make profit from my services and also recieve royalties and commision's for my services rendered.

I dannyokec has taken it upon my self to programme a platform where bettor's round the world could come together & educate themselves , share tips , sell and market their tips for extra profit, donate into the live's of those whom them choose to, reduce the high rate of lossing in betting and maximise education and financial profit.

*Revolutionary features i implemented include's::::

Donate feature: ::::: lets assume someone drops or predicts a good tip you can donate something into his profile the person can withdraw all donations made by people anytime he wants instantly.

tips marketing + confidence feature: people lie so much about their winnings so innovated this feature to curb fraud and maximise genuine sells of tips

HOW THIS FEATURES WORKS: A user place his/ her tips with a price the placed tips will been shown to only those who bought the tips this means if you dont buy the user's tips you don't get to see the tips HOWEVER :::: once the reveal time for the tips is reached the tips becomes visible for everybody to see.

You can see the success rate of tips posted by user's and decided whom to buy tips from and whom to run for their life from .


The virtual football service's are 100% free except the premium services includes live support, an indicator , constant updates , mentor ship and high version calculator..